Photo and Video Requests

There are various requests for images and video of Texas A&M University. A formal written agreement must be signed before any photographic images or video is taken on or of the University's campus, students, faculty, or staff. Texas A&M owns various videos and photos that can be licensed for use, and a formal written usage agreement is required.

Please contact Kyle Pope for any of the following photo or video requests:

  • Image & Video License Agreement - permission to use photographic images or video for which the University owns the copyrights. 
  • University Location Agreement - permission to film or photograph on-campus. 
  • University Release Form - a release form authorizing Texas A&M University to film or photograph its own students, faculty, or staff (for Texas A&M internal use only.)

All photographic images and video must follow the University's Brand Guidelines.

photos of Gill statue and students meeting together