On-Campus Trademark Use

Registered student organizations, student sports teams, residence hall organizations and university departments may use Texas A&M University names, marks, or logos. Such use must:

  • Reflect positively on the University
  • Be produced by a licensed vendor of Texas A&M University
  • Be pre-approved by the Office of Brand Development

Sale of Licensed Merchandise on Campus

Prior to production and sale on campus of any merchandise that includes Texas A&M marks, names, or logos, written approval by the Office of Brand Development must be obtained.

Student Groups may sell their licensed merchandise on campus with a concessions permit. They may not sell on game days, as licensed merchandise sales are governed by the University Bookstore Contract. A concessions permit is available from Student Activities.

Partisan Political Activity

In order to maintain its integrity as a public institution, it is critical that Texas A&M maintain neutrality in regard to any political activity. According to University Rule 07.03.01.M1 Texas A&M University prohibits the use of any of its symbols, logos, or other identifying marks in association with any activity that involves the endorsement, support, or promotion of political candidates or activities.

However, in the spirit of maintaining a 'marketplace of ideas,' the university's symbols, logos, or other identifying marks may be shown in conjunction with an officially recognized student organization with a political reference in the name. Before producing any items with any Texas A&M marks, logos, or names and any political reference, you must receive written approval from the Office of Brand Development.

Brand Guidelines

All use of Texas A&M marks, names, and logos must follow the rules outlined in the University's Brand Guidelines. If your organization's logo does not follow the rules outlined in the Brand Guide, please feel free to contact the Office of Brand Development for help in updating your logo.

Contact Rosa Rodriguez with any questions regarding trademark usage on campus.